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DJI Wookong Multi-Rotor Auto Pilot System w/GPS

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This is the DJI Innovations Wookong-M Multi-Rotor Auto Pilot System.

The DJI Wookong-M Multi-Rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight system for all multi-rotor platforms and is the ultimate choice for commercial and industrial Multi-Rotor applications.

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  • Features:

    • 9 Types of Multi Rotors & a Customized Motor Mixer: Support 9 traditional motor mixer: Quad I, Quad X, Hexa I,Hexa V, Hexa Y, Hexa IY, Octo X, Octo I, and Octo V
    • Built-In Gimbal Stabilization Function: The gimbal stabilization module is compatible with most 2-axis gimbal systems. The system will adjust the camera according to the attitude of the aircraft after setting the parameters the first time. The scope of the gimbal servo output frequency is 400hz, 200hz, 100h and 50hz, the higher frequency output makes the adjustment more efficient. At the same time, the limit of the gimbal servo rolling and pitching is extended to 90°.
    • Supports iPad Ground Control Station (GCS): WooKong-M GCS now supports iPad, the only thing you need to do is plug in a Bluetooth datalink. Gone are the days with a heavy laptop. You don’t need to install maps and drivers, you can forget about the Windows OS version compatibility problems and never worry about Google Earth. Without the long cables, it is easier for you to control the aircraft with your ground station just like playing games on your iPad.
    • Assistant Software for Smartphone: The WooKong-M provides assistant software for iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, iPadmini and iPod5. You can make parameter adjustments at any time on your mobile device through an LED indicator with a built-in Bluetooth module, making it easier and convenient. It uses low power Bluetooth to minimize the power consumption of your mobile device, is easy to use and will automatically save your last connection records. The password mechanism ensures your safety link, while the parameters can be automatically synchronized to the Cloud Server and can be restored immediately when you change your mobile devices.
    • Supports Futaba S-bus Receiver: Compatible with almost all radios, PCM or 2.4Ghz
    • Power Monitoring Unit: Specially designed for WKM to solve the high power consumption problem of the power support system. It contains two power outputs for entire WKM system and receiver separately, a battery voltage monitor, and two CAN-Bus interfaces.
    • Built-in Damper: Small footprint and weight makes installation easier in tight spaces with various size aircraft.
    • Precise Position & Altitude Hold: With WKM, multirotors will have position and altitude lock in windy conditions. Precise hovering in less than 2m horizontal and 0.5m vertical.
    • High Accuracy & Driving Feel: With the WKM, flying a multi-rotor will be as easy as driving a car. The pilot is released from the stresses of controlling the multi-rotor and is able to pay more attention to other tasks such as camera angle, rather than focusing on flying.
    • Motor Arm/Disarm Mode:
      • Start Motor: When using WKM, pushing throttle stick before takeoff will not start the motors. You have to execute one of four Combination Stick Commands (CSC) to start motors.
      • Stop Motor: Two options to stop motors: Immediately or Intelligent.
        • Immediately Mode: By using this mode, in any control mode, once motors start and throttle stick is over 10%, the motors will stop immediately when the throttle stick is reduced to less than 10%. In this case, if you push the throttle stick over 10% within 5 seconds of stopping the motors, the motors will re-start and CSC is not needed. If you don’t push the throttle stick in three seconds after the motors start, the motors will stop automatically.
        • Intelligent Mode: By using this mode, a different control mode is used to stop the motors. In Manual Mode, only executing CSC can stop motors.
    • Multiple Flight Control Mode/ Intelligent Switching:
      • GPS Atti. Mode:     
        • Command Stick Meaning: Multi attitude control; Stick center position for 0º attitude, its endpoint is 35º
        • Command Linearity: YES
        • Stick Released: Lock rotor position when GPS signal is adequate.
        • Altitude Lock: Maintain the altitude best above 1 meter from ground
        • GPS Lost: After 10s when GPS signal lost, system enters Atti. Mode automatically.
        • Safety: Attitude & speed mixture control ensures stability; Enhanced fail-safe
        • Applications: AP work     
      • Atti. Mode:
        • Command Stick Meaning: Multi attitude control; Stick center position for 0º attitude, its endpoint is 35º
        • Command Linearity: YES
        • Stick Released: Only attitude stabilizing
        • Altitude Lock: Maintain the altitude best above 1 meter from ground
        • GPS Lost: Only performing attitude stabilizing without position lock
        • Safety: Attitude & speed mixture control ensures stability; Enhanced fail-safe
        • Applications: Sport flying
      • Manual Mode:
        • Command Stick Meaning: Maximum angular velocity is 150°/s. No attitude angle limitation and vertical velocity locking.
        • Command Linearity: YES
        • Stick Released: NOT Recommend
        • Altitude Lock: NO
        • GPS Lost: N/A
        • Safety: Depends on experience.
        • Applications: n/a
    • Point of Interest (POI): When the GPS signal is good, users can record the present position of the aircraft as a point of interest using the preset switch on the remote controller. Then, using the rolling command the aircraft can manipulate a circle flight around the point of interest with the nose in, in an area between 5 meters to 500 meters radius. This function is easy to set up, convenient to operate, and is suitable for filming a fixed scenic spot.
    • Return-to-Home Switch from Transmitter (RTH): In addition to the function of failsafe RTH, WooKong-M has a RTH switch function from the transmitter. It is unnecessary to turn on failsafe mode.
    • PPM Receiver Supported: WooKong-M supports PPM receivers. With the installation of a PPM receiver the internal wiring will be more concise and clean looking.
    • Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC): Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. In course lock flying, the forward direction is the same as a recorded nose direction. In home lock flying, the forward direction is the same as the direction from home point to multi-rotor.
    • Enhanced Fail-Safe & Auto Go Home/Landing: Enhanced fail-safe is the function used to ensure that the multi-rotor will hover automatically when it loses radio signal. After loss of signal for a certain length of time, WKM will calculate the safest route to the home position and control the multi-rotor to return home, hovering over your GPS start point eventually and then auto landing. This feature will guarantee the safety of your expensive payloads and equipment on the platform.
    • Multi-Rotor One-Power Output Fail Protection: In most conditions, the whole multi-rotor will retain good attitude and rotate around the frame arm with no power output, due to imbalanced mechanical structure and external environment. Rotating is mainly caused by the payload and external environment. When the payload is heavier, rotating speed is faster. On rotating, the hexa-rotor physical structure causes the rudder to loose control. This humanistic protection function from WooKong-M, in Attitude or GPS Mode, keeps the aircraft under control even with a power output failure and highly reduces crash risks.
    • Two Levels Low Voltage Protection & Auto Go Home: In order to prevent your multi-rotor from a crash or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage, DJI has designed two levels of low voltage protection. All two level protections have LED warning as default and you can choose whether or not you use them. First level will blink yellow light ceaselessly; second level will blink red light ceaselessly. Compare the Go Home and Landing of low voltage protection and the Go Home and Landing in Enhanced Failed-safe, the generations of Home Location are the same; the Go Home routes are the same; the difference is that there is no hovering before landing in low voltage protection.
    • Upgrade to Ground Station Control System: WooKong-M can be upgraded to ground station which is a more powerful unmanned platform to satisfy the requirements of the user. Combine with a DJI professional data link to activate WooKong-M single waypoint for free. Besides the 3D map, it also contains such ground control functions as joystick/keyboard control, one key takeoff and click & go. Customers can activate different functions to meet their requirements.


    • Basic Performance
      • Multi Rotor Types: Quad-Rotor: +4, x4; Hex-Rotor +6, x6, Y6, Rev Y6; Octo-Rotor +8,x8,V8    
      • Supported ESC output: 400Hz refresh frequencys    
      • Recommended Transmitter: PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 7 channels and Failsafe function available on all channels
      • Recommended Battery: 2S~6S LiPo
      • Power Consumption: MAX 5W (0.9A@5V, 0.7A@5.8V,0.5A@7.4V,0.4A@8V)   
      • Operating Temperature: -5°C to +60°C (You have to keep the IMU warm if you want to use it under low temperature, could be -5°C or lower)     
      • Assistant Software System Requirement: Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8    
    • Flight Performance
      • Hovering Accuracy Vertical: ± 0.5m; Horizontal: ± 2m   
      • Suitable Wind Condition: < 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)    
      • Max Yaw Angular Velocity: 150 deg/s    
      • Max Tilt Angle: 35°
      • Ascent/Descent: ±6m/s    
    • Hardware    
      • Weight: Total Weight: <= 118g(overall)
    • Dimensions    
      • Main Controller: 51.2x38.0x15.3mm
      • IMU: 41.4x31.1x27.8mm
      • GPS & Compass: 50mm (diameter) x 9mm
      • LED Indicator: 25x25x7mm
      • PMU: 39.5x27.5x9.7mm
    • Built In Functions
      • Three Modes Autopilot
      • Enhanced Failsafe
      • 2-axis Gimbal Support
      • Low Voltage Protection
      • Go Home & Auto Landing
      • D-Bus Receiver Supported
      • Intelligent Orientation Control   


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