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DJI Naza-M V2 Multi-Rotor Stabilization Controller w/GPS

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DJI Innovations Naza-M V2 Multi-Rotor Stabilization Controller with GPS. The Naza-M is a light weight multi-axis controler designed for multi-rotor enthusiasts. It is a small all-in-one module that supports firmware upgrades with extendible data ports.

The Naza–M GPS greatly enhances the functionality of Naza-M.

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$275.00 tax excl.

  • With the updated firmware, attitude stabilization algorithm and optimized control, the Naza-M V2 delivers improved flight performance, even without the GPS module. It has an updated, smoother take-off algorithm and supports double spring transmitters, so every time you let go of the throttle stick the aircraft will hover.

    The Naza PMU V2 has enhanced BEC functionality and provides extendable CAN BUS ports, which can support iOSD, and the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal (pitch control). Support is also included for an optional Bluetooth LED module (not included) to allow parameter adjustment via a mobile APP (future firmware upgrade required for this function).

    NOTE: Naza-M is not recommended for heavy payloads. WooKong-M is recommended for these applications.


    • All-in-One Design: NAZA simplifies installation and saves space and weight. With the innovative All-in-One design, NAZA contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis gyroscope and barometer in its light and small Main Controller.
    • Multiple Flight Control Mode/Intelligent Switching: Naza-M offers three types of control modes; GPS Atti. Mode (with GPS module), Atti. Mode, Manual Mode. Customers can switch between the three modes to adjust for different flight environments, even in a weak GPS environment.
    • GPS Module/Accurate Position Hold: Naza-M GPS will greatly enhance performance for entry AP with Position Hold, Return-To-Home and Intelligent Orientation Control.
    • Failsafe: Naza controller has built-in auto level Fail-Safe function. That means when the communication between MC and transmitter is disconnected, the outputs of all command sticks from controller will go to center point.
    • Intelligent Orientation Control
    • Independent PMU with function extension
    • Independent LED Module
    • Advanced attitude stabilize


    • Platform: Multi-rotor
    • Size:
      • MC: 45.5x32.5x18.5mm
      • PMU: 39.5x27.5x10.0mm
      • GPS & Compass: 46x10mm
      • LED: 25x25x7.0mm
    • Weight:
      • MC: 27g
      • PMU: 28g
      • GPS: 27g
      • LED: 13g
    • Power Consumption:
      • MAX: 3.15W (0.25A@12.6V)
      • Normal: 1.638W (0.13A@12.6V)
    • Working Voltage:   
      • MC: 4.8V ~ 5.5V
      • PMU:7.4V ~ 26.0 V (recommend 2S ~ 6S LiPo)
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
    • Functions:
      • Max Yaw Angular Velocity: 200°/s
      • Max Tilt Angle: 35°
      • Ascent: 6m/s
      • Descent: 4.5m/s


    • (1) MC
    • (1) GPS
    • (1) PMU
    • (1) USB Cable
    • (1) LED
    • (8) Servo Cables
    • (1) Micro-USB Cable
    • (1) CAN Cable

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