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ImmersionRC XuGong v2/Pro Foldable Quadcopter Airframe Kit


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The most portable FPV quadcopter on the market today. A full-featured quadcopter constructed from beautiful carbon fiber, and CNC-milled aluminium.

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  • The FPV’ers Quadcopter

    The XuGong v2/Pro was designed by FPVers, for FPVers.

    Designed for fully immersive flight, delivering high-quality, stabilized video footage, from a tailor-made aerial platform.

    • Compact Foldable Design
    • Lightweight frame leads to > 20 minute flight times
    • Built-in EzOSD, with multicopter enhancements
    • Single-cable link to the EzUHF, with full up-link status
    • Carbon fiber frame, CNC milled aluminium arms
    • Integrated telemetry down-link
    • USB port for future upgrades

    Integrated Brushless Gimbal

    A custom brushless GoPro gimbal, designed by one of the industry leaders, is integrated into the XuGong v2/Pro design. Pan and Roll signals picked out of the single-cable Rx connection by the onboard OSD.

    Install a new GoPro Hero 4, for stabilized 4k video footage.

    The Power Distribution board includes an on-board quiet switching regulator which powers the GoPro with no GoPro battery required.

    Crash-Resistant arms

    The XuGong’s beautiful CNC-milled foldable arms include an intentional break-away pin. This pin takes the brunt of the occasional hard landing, and can be easily replaced in the field.

    For even harder landings (we sometimes call them crashes), the milled arms bend, without breaking, and may be gently bent back into shape without leaving the mountain-top, or tropical beach. Try to do this with cheap plastic alternatives…

    Fully Integrated PDB

    A fully integrated Power Distribution Board includes an EzOSD-based On-Screen-Display, with all of the critical flight data displayed.

    Not only is battery voltage, current, and mAh consumed displayed, but also a continuously updated estimate of remaining flight time.

    With a newly released EzUHF firmware revision, all critical uplink status is sent down the single PPM stream. No need for a second ‘i2c’ link between the receiver and the OSD.

    A built-in camera switch, with automatic fail-over in case a camera fails.

    The Sports Quad

    The XuGong was designed to feel quite at home in a small backpack. A backpack to be taken on the ski-lift, carried up to a remote tropical island, or carried in a carry-on bag for the occasional international flight.

    A remotely piloted camera that doesn’t require two pilots, nor a shipping container to transport it around.

    Summer with the XuGong…

    During the summer of 2014, the ImmersionRC team had the chance to tour around the Alps with the FliteTest team.

    Some of the footage shot using the XuGong v2/Pro during the trip, is showcased in our ‘Summer with the XuGong’ video.

    Telemetry Down-link

    The XuGong v2/Pro transmits all on-board telemetry to the ground, using the A/V down-link.

    Battery status, Uplink status (RSSI, Link quality, etc.), GPS position, are all available in the telemetry stream.

    The ImmersionRC Antenna Trackers can use this data to point a high-gain antenna directly at the model.
    The iTelemetry dongle provides an interface between this telemetry feed, and a smartphone/tablet, with applications available for the iOS and Android devices.

    Compact… Very Compact…

    There are not many product on the market that fold into such a small space, with just a few seconds required to unfold and fly.

    Props remain attached, no tools required, ‘Press, Unfold, and FLY!’


    • Max. Prop Size: 10 Inch
    • OSD: EzOSD-based, with Multicopter additions
    • Flight Controller: DJI Naza Lite, -M, v2 recommended, others supported
    • GPS: Naza GPS pickoff (Position + static Magnetometer)
    • Camera Switch: Manual, between Flight Cam, and GoPro, with auto-failover
    • Camera Power: 1.5A for GoPro, FlightCam powered from Video Tx
    • Flight Cam: Bracket to mount FatShark CMOS 600TVL + others (optional accessory)
    • Weight: AUW, RTF, ~1.5kg (typical)
    • Folded Size: 24cm W x 30cm L x 14cm H
    • Suitable Battery: 5200mAh 4s 10C recommended (for 20 minute flight times)
    • Suitable Motors: 2212/920kV, DJI E300, or Tiger AirGear 350
    • Flight Time: Typ. 20 min

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