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RFDesign RFD900x Long Range Telemetry Radio Modem for Aerial Mapping


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The RFD900x is a long range data telemetry modem operating in the 902-928MHz ISM band. Operating at 1W transmission power, it is capable of holding a data link at over 40km. Compatible with APM 2.x and Pixhawk.

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$270.00 tax excl.

  • FD900x New Features:

    • New Processor, ARM 32 bit core.
    • Air data rate: 500kbit/s.
    • AES Hardware accelerated encryption. *Fully working*
    • RC PPM Passthrough with telemetry at the same time.
    • Fully ESD protected + filtered – Every IO port is protected and filtered.
    • Original SiK point to point, multipoint firmware implemented.
    • Asynchronous multipoint firmware, *Beta release*


    • Long range >40km depending on antennas and GCS setup *80km demonstrated by Edge Research labs on a balloon !, 57km in India, on Dipoles.
    • 2 x RP-SMA RF connectors, diversity switched.
    • 1 Watt (+30dBm) transmit power.
    • Transmit low pass filter.
    • > 20dB Low noise amplifier, high IP3.
    • RX SAW filter.
    • All I/O ESD protected and filtered.
    • Re implemented SiK and Multipoint SiK firmware, field upgradeable, easy to configure.
    • Small, light weight.
    • Compatible with 3DR / Hope-RF radio modules.
    • License free use in Australia, Canada, USA, NZ


    • RF : 2 x RP-SMA connectors
    • Serial: Logic level TTL (+3.3v)
    • Power: +5v, ~800mA max peak (at maximum transmit power)
    • GPIO: 6 General purpose IO (Digital, ADC, PWM capable).

    Included in Package:

    • 2x RFD900x Modems
    • 2x Monopole 2dBi Antennae
    • 4x Dipole 3dBi Antennae
    • 1x FTDI Cable
    • 1x Pixhawk to RFD900x Telemetry Cable


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