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FrSky L9R S.Bus Long Range Receiver

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This is a L9R FrSky long range receiver that has double the range of the current FrSky X series. The L9R supports 9 standard servo outputs and supports 12 channels using S.BUS. Compatible with the FrSky Taranis as it has an in-built XJT Module. Also compatible with any of the XJT series with module based radios.

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  • Features:

    • Longer operating range: 2 times of the operating range for X-series receiver
    • More channels: 1~9ch from conventional channel outputs, 1~12ch from SBUS port
    • Wide voltage range for HV setups (4~10v)
    • RSSI output


    • Dimension: 46.25 x 26.6 x 14.2mm (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 19g Antenna: PCB Antenna
    • Number of Channels: 1~9ch from conventional channel outputs, 1~12ch from SBUS port
    • RSSI output: Analog RSSI output (0~3.3V)
    • Operating Voltage Range: 4.0~10V
    • Operating Current: 100mA at 5V
    • Operating Range: Double the operating range or X-series receiver
    • Compatibility: FrSky X-series Module (XJT) etc. in LR12 mode (Switch 1 is OFF, Switch 2 is ON) FrSky Taranis X9D etc. in LR12 mode

    Note: The L9R receiver is not compatible with FrSky V8, D8, and D16 Mode. The LR9 is a non-telemetry receiver and does not support data hub or smart port functions. The Bind and fail safe setting procedures vary from previous X series receivers. There is an instruction manual included with this product for guidance.

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